21 Aug 2017

10 interesting products at the National 4×4 Show

It’s easy to focus on the big attractions at 4×4 shows, but for me the value is the little things. HERE ARE ten interesting products that warranted a second look. This isn’t a product test so we’re not offering an opinion on quality or function, just products that looked a

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20 Aug 2017

Think carefully to avoid these 11 offroad recovery mistakes

The average 4×4 recovery is 90% mental, 10% physical. RECOVERY SAFETY is far more about planning and execution than gear. You can have the world’s best gear and rig it unsafely, or poor-quality gear and rig it safely. Here’s 11 traps to avoid: 1. Not knowing why you’re stuck –

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18 Aug 2017

4X4 pinstripe damage – advice from a professional

What’s a professional’s view about bush pinstripes? DARREN HOSKING runs The Detailing Pros, and aside from spending his time being flown around the country to work on exotic cars he is also a keen 4WD owner and club member. Here’s his views on 4X4 pinstripes and bush damage: Is it

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16 Aug 2017

Product review: Fiskars 10″ SoftGrip Folding Saw

Offroaders need saws. YOU NEED A SAW for firewood, or cutting trees or branches across a track. Sometimes that’s a chainsaw, sometimes it’s something smaller. Like this handsaw. We like The build quality and blade sharpness. It’s light, easy to grip, and the blade folds away so it’s not going

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16 Aug 2017

You can drive new Land Rovers in the USA and Africa

Land Rover Experience has long been offering local drives and experiences, and now there’s international adventures. ACCORDING TO THE LAND ROVER press release the self-drive experiences are “unforgettable self-drive holidays combining epic road trips with some of Earth’s most spectacular scenery”. The USA drive is in Utah’s famed Moab area

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14 Aug 2017

Navman DriveDuo SUV Review

The Navman DriveDuo SUV offers navigation and dashcam recording for offroaders. GPS TECHNOLOGY has come a long way from the times we hooked up basic Garmin bushwalking units via serial cables to Windows 95 PCs. Now we have Navman’s Drive Duo SUV unit, which offers an array of features, the

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11 Aug 2017

Snow chains – front or rear on your 4X4, or not at all?

An easy way to start a debate is to ask whether snow chains should go on the front or rear wheels of a 4X4. FIRST LET’S dispense with a myth, which is that you don’t need chains if you have 4WD, or mud tyres, or extreme tyres, or 35-inch tyres.

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09 Aug 2017

Why Toyota is wrong about the LC70’s manual/automatic hubs

Toyota changed the LC70’s hubs from manual to automatic/lock. That’s a backwards step. A PART-TIME 4X4 like the LC70 has to run in 2WD on the road and can only engage 4WD on surfaces that permit slip between the front and rear axles. This is because it lacks a centre

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09 Aug 2017

2017 Toyota LandCruiser 79 Series offroad review

ROBERT PEPPER’S 2017 TOYOTA LC79 OFFROAD REVIEW WITH PRICING, SPECS, RIDE AND HANDLING, SAFETY, VERDICT AND SCORE. In a nutshell: The LandCruiser remains the toughest and most heavy-duty 4X4 on the market. That’s why it is so respected and commands the price it does, despite its age. 2017 Toyota LandCruiser LC79

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08 Aug 2017

Turn your 7-seater Prado into a tourer and back again

Your Prado is a versatile vehicle, but not all storage solutions are multi-purpose. WE HAVE SHOWN how to convert a Discovery from a 7-seater to a tourer, and now Fourby Fitouts has a storage system designed to fit over the top of the Prado 150’s third-row seats. They say the

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