09 Oct 2017

How I selected new Grand Vitara wheels and tyres

Choosing the best new 4×4 tyres takes a lot of research and tradeoffs, but I’m happy with the end result. I AM NOT about to preach to the converted about offroad tyres, rather talk you through my logic of wheel and tyre selection for my Grand Vitara. Being a top-of-the-range

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05 Oct 2017

Reader help – How do I choose Suzuki Grand Vitara wheels?

Wheels and tyres for 4x4s are the number one ‘how do I change’ question… QUESTION: I need some advice about 17-inch alloy wheels for a Suzuki Grand Vitara 3.2L. I’m not interested in steel wheels. The reason for the change is I can’t find any good all-terrain tyres for my

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07 Jul 2017

Why you don’t want a part-time 4X4 wagon or ute

Time was that all 4X4s just drove the rear wheels on road, but now there’s a choice of all wheel drive. So should you buy a part-time 4X4 vehicle? THE TWO BASIC drivetrains for 4X4 vehicles are full-time 4X4 and part-time 4X4.  Full-time 4X4 is also known as constant 4WD,

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08 Jun 2017

Offroad tyre times – why your choice of rubber needs to be rethought

Do you still need one set of offroad tyres and one set for onroad? Back in the day, everyone ran skinny, narrow tyres on their Series Land Rovers, G60s and FJ40s.  There was pretty much just the one tread pattern, “open”. Then the bigger-tyre craze started, and 31s became small,

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03 Jun 2017

Everything you need to know about buying tyres for your 4×4

Most 4×4 campfire discussions end up talking about tyres, here’s everything you need to know about buying tyres for your 4×4.

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