27 Jul 2017

Reader help: should I buy a front cross-axle differential lock?

One of the oldest 4X4 questions is whether to fit cross-axle lockers or not.  Are they worth the money? QUESTION: Hello Robert You recently replied to my comment on your website regarding the front differential Lock on the Ford Everest I just received a link in the comment box as

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02 Jun 2017

Diff Drop Options on a 4×4 with independent front suspension

Those wanting to challenge their 4×4 off-road will need to lift it but independent front suspension presents a challenge.

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04 Mar 2017

Ford Everest owners on what they do and don’t like…

The Ford Everest has been popular since its introduction in 2015, so owners have had a chance to form some opinions… Ford, are you listening.

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18 Feb 2017

The Ford Everest – off-road touring and my first year of ownership

I’d been considering the Ranger Wildtrak, but the Ford Everest made more sense… my car might now be Australia’s most modified Everest?

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Ford Everest Titanium review
24 Jan 2017

Reader help: What smaller wheels work with my Ford Everest Titanium?

Ford’s Everest has fast become a popular choice for offroad tourers, so here’s another question about setup.

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