21 Aug 2017

10 interesting products at the National 4×4 Show

It’s easy to focus on the big attractions at 4×4 shows, but for me the value is the little things. HERE ARE ten interesting products that warranted a second look. This isn’t a product test so we’re not offering an opinion on quality or function, just products that looked a

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16 Aug 2017

You can drive new Land Rovers in the USA and Africa

Land Rover Experience has long been offering local drives and experiences, and now there’s international adventures. ACCORDING TO THE LAND ROVER press release the self-drive experiences are “unforgettable self-drive holidays combining epic road trips with some of Earth’s most spectacular scenery”. The USA drive is in Utah’s famed Moab area

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08 Aug 2017

Turn your 7-seater Prado into a tourer and back again

Your Prado is a versatile vehicle, but not all storage solutions are multi-purpose. WE HAVE SHOWN how to convert a Discovery from a 7-seater to a tourer, and now Fourby Fitouts has a storage system designed to fit over the top of the Prado 150’s third-row seats. They say the

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30 Jul 2017

July on Practical Motoring 4X4

July 2017 on Practical Motoring 4X4 THIS MONTH we explained the difference between torque and power, showed how to drive with electronic traction control, demonstrated pros and cons of swaybar disconnects and gave tips on how to be a good student at a training course. We covered the problems with

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29 Jul 2017

The future of 4X4s has arrived with Bollinger’s all-electric offroader

Diesel is dying, electric will rule and heralding the way is Bollinger. WE HAVE SAID for some time that internal combustion engines are on the way out, and in particular diesel as stricter and stricter emissions standards force more and more complexity like AdBlue and DPFs. So, how far off

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29 Jul 2017

The Bend’s new 4×4 track takes shape in South Australia

South Australia gets a new place to go offroading at The Bend. THE BEND is a huge motorsport park that will cater to circuit racing for bikes and cars, drag racing, drift, rally, karting and of course, 4WD. There will be an airstrip, accommodation and an industrial park. Here’s what

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21 Jul 2017

Coward Springs is for sale!

Well-known oasis-campground Coward Springs is for sale! MANY, MANY offroaders will have a photo like the one in the title shot. It’s Coward Springs, a must-stop destination on the famous Oodnadatta Track, close to Lake Eyre and a bit over halfway between Maree and William Creek. And now you can

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27 Jun 2017

Facelifted Nissan Patrol Y62 on the way

A revised Nissan Patrol Y62 is on the way, and it could be here as soon as 2018…maybe before? THE NISSAN PATROL is one of the all-time classic Australian 4X4s, deserving of that much-used but rarely-deserved description of ‘iconic’. However, that reputation was largely built on the back of the

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21 Jun 2017

4X4 club launches campaign to equalise 4X4 ute road tolls, supported by FWD Victoria

Private utes pay a lot more for road tolls in Victoria than private wagons. Why? BACK IN THE DAY a 4X4 was only ever a commercial working vehicle, relied on by the likes of farmers. That’s why 4X4s that met offroad criteria like clearance used to attract a significant reduction

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18 Jun 2017

What do we call the 2017 All-New Land Rover Discovery?

Talking about the Land Rover Discovery used to be easy. THE LAND ROVER DISCOVERY was launched in 1989 as the Discovery 1, owing much to the Range Rover with a similar chassis and suspension. Then in 1998 it was updated to the Discovery 2, usually written as Series II, model

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