13 Oct 2017

Interview: Rob Boegheim, managing director of Hema Maps

Hema Maps is Australia’s leading offroad mapping company, and we got a few moments with the man in change. THERE ARE SOME companies that define their niches with no serious competitors in sight. Hema is one example, as there’s nobody else offering the range of print and electronic mapping products

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04 Oct 2017

Being in Charge with Dual Battery Management: Part 1

A touring 4×4 needs more than its single battery, but how do you go about setting up for dual batteries? LIKE MANY AVID 4WD owners who like to travel whilst still accessing the odd electrical powered devices when away from the grid, I looked for the best solution to provide

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19 Aug 2017

How to easily add some more light to the back of your 4×4

Manufacturers never put adequate lighting in the back of their vehicles for 4×4 touring purposes. WHEN YOU ARE CAMPING or working out of your vehicle at night the standard lights just aren’t bright enough. But with the advent of LED strip lights there’s an easy solution. I purchased a couple

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18 Aug 2017

4X4 pinstripe damage – advice from a professional

What’s a professional’s view about bush pinstripes? DARREN HOSKING runs The Detailing Pros, and aside from spending his time being flown around the country to work on exotic cars he is also a keen 4WD owner and club member. Here’s his views on 4X4 pinstripes and bush damage: Is it

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08 Aug 2017

Turn your 7-seater Prado into a tourer and back again

Your Prado is a versatile vehicle, but not all storage solutions are multi-purpose. WE HAVE SHOWN how to convert a Discovery from a 7-seater to a tourer, and now Fourby Fitouts has a storage system designed to fit over the top of the Prado 150’s third-row seats. They say the

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07 Aug 2017

Those Dreaded Corrugations of Outback Travel

Corrugations mean keeping your 4X4 and yourself in one piece is not always easy. I LOVE TOURING this country and exploring the many attractions that are available and there’s little doubt that all 4WD enthusiasts like me really look forward to the challenges on offer.  It’s the ever changing terrain,

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03 Aug 2017

Two top 4X4 daytrips out of Brisbane – Bribie Island and D’Aguilar National Park

Discover two of the best 4X4 day drives around Brisbane with Danielle Lancaster, author of ‘4WD Treks Close to Brisbane’. From the capital city of Brisbane explore from the beach to the bush with these two easily accessible offroad day drives: Bribie Island The only island connected to the mainland

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30 Jul 2017

Product Test – RAM X-Grip

The RAM X-Grip can hold all sorts of devices in your vehicle. A universal gadget mount with a range of arms and bases, designed for small to medium sized smartphones and phablets. We like… Versatility.  The X-Grip can take a wide variety of devices, which is good as everyone in

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28 Jul 2017

How you can prevent bush pin stripes

Bodywork scratches go hand-in-hand with offroading in wooded areas, but there are ways to reduce bush pinstripes…

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20 Jul 2017

How to turn your 7-seat 4X4 into a tourer and a back again

Some say they’ve never met a kilowatt they didn’t like.  Offroad tourers have never met an extra cubic centimetre of storage they didn’t like. A storage system is absolutely essential for tourers, who need to carry a large amount of smallish items, safely, and get to any one of them

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