16 Oct 2017

Product Test – ARB CKMA12 Portable Air Compressor

Testing the ARB CKMA12 Air Compressor. TYRE PRESSURES are a key part of offroading, so you need to be constantly lowering and raising them. You could use a hand or foot pump to put air back into your tyres, but an 12v electric version is so much easier. We’ve run

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15 Oct 2017

Being in Charge with a Dual Battery Management: Part 2, the DCDC charger

Touring 4x4s need some sort of dual battery management system..should that be a DCDC charger? In Part 1 Steve Cassano explored why he needed a dual battery management system, and is now exploring the benefits of a DCDC charger. What is a DCDC charger and how does it work? A

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09 Sep 2017

The inventor of Bog Out has his say

Paul Aubin is the inventor of Bog Out and here’s his story. WHEN WE REVIEW a product we try and be as fair and balanced as possible. We also send the story to whoever makes or sells the product in advance of publication, not something that’s often done by journalists.

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09 Sep 2017

Product Test: Bog Out Vehicle Recovery Kit

We test the Bog Out vehicle recovery system. THERE IS NO perfect recovery gear, as everything has its pros and cons. That’s why it’s always interesting to try new products that take a different approach to the mainstream, and here we have a Bog Out vehicle recovery system. What it is A

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30 Aug 2017

Safety Dave Rear View Camera review

Rear vision cameras are essential for safety and handy for convenience. REVERSING CAMERAS aren’t really optional these days. Ask any insurance company, and they will tell you that reversing accidents are the number one cause of claims. Can you, dear reader, claim never to have hit anything in reverse? I

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16 Aug 2017

Product review: Fiskars 10″ SoftGrip Folding Saw

Offroaders need saws. YOU NEED A SAW for firewood, or cutting trees or branches across a track. Sometimes that’s a chainsaw, sometimes it’s something smaller. Like this handsaw. We like The build quality and blade sharpness. It’s light, easy to grip, and the blade folds away so it’s not going

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14 Aug 2017

Navman DriveDuo SUV Review

The Navman DriveDuo SUV offers navigation and dashcam recording for offroaders. GPS TECHNOLOGY has come a long way from the times we hooked up basic Garmin bushwalking units via serial cables to Windows 95 PCs. Now we have Navman’s Drive Duo SUV unit, which offers an array of features, the

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30 Jul 2017

Product Test – RAM X-Grip

The RAM X-Grip can hold all sorts of devices in your vehicle. A universal gadget mount with a range of arms and bases, designed for small to medium sized smartphones and phablets. We like… Versatility.  The X-Grip can take a wide variety of devices, which is good as everyone in

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30 Jun 2017

Product Test – MAXTRAX recovery traction ramps

MAXTRAX product test. What are they?  Portable plastic ramps that you can use to recover vehicles bogged in sand, mud, snow or even just as a bit of extra clearance. We like… They just work.  Really work.  I own just about every piece of recovery gear known to humankind, and

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09 Jun 2017

Product Test – Cooper ST-Maxx All-Terrain tyres

Cooper ST-Maxx all-terrain tyres What they are Light-truck tyres with a pattern on the aggressive side of all-terrain, in a 265/70/17 size. What we did Run them on a Ford Ranger PX for 37,000km covering everything from bitumen to snow, deep mud, sand and rocks. Tread depth new was 15mm,

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