09 Aug 2017

Why Toyota is wrong about the LC70’s manual/automatic hubs

Toyota changed the LC70’s hubs from manual to automatic/lock. That’s a backwards step. A PART-TIME 4X4 like the LC70 has to run in 2WD on the road and can only engage 4WD on surfaces that permit slip between the front and rear axles. This is because it lacks a centre

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08 Aug 2017

How are corrugations formed?

You’ve seen them and hate them, but how are corrugations made? THERE HAVE BEEN several scientific studies into exactly how corrugations are formed, and the answer is definitive and simple.  You get corrugations any time large numbers of wheeled vehicles travel over a soft surface at speed. Exactly how they

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01 Aug 2017

How hot does an exhaust get during a DPF burn?

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) are here to stay, and here to burn. THE MODERN DIESEL is no longer the simple motor of old. There’s computer-controlled common rail injection, exhaust gas circulation, AdBlue (fully explained here) and DPFs, or Diesel Particulate Filters. We have a full explanation of how a DPF

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22 Jul 2017

Why a swaybar disconnect might get you stuck

A swaybar disconnect is great…most of the time. A SWAYBAR is also known as an anti-roll bar, and that’s a more descriptive name.  When a vehicle corners there’s weight transfer from inside to outside, so in the case of a left turn the right tyres carry far more weight than

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03 Jul 2017

What’s the difference between torque and power?

Is there a difference between power and torque? ASK ANY CAR ENTHUSIAST about power and torque and 90% of the time they’ll say they know the difference, but actually…they don’t. Yet us 4×4 people take it as read that torque is good, and power is, well, umm, don’t we really

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29 Jun 2017

How far do airbags extend?

Most offroaders mount things inside their vehicles, but there’s airbags to worry about. MODERN VEHICLES have plenty of airbags, and when they activate – actually, more explode – then you really don’t want anything between you and the bag.  Pretty simple rule, but just how far do those airbags extend

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22 Jun 2017

All About AdBlue, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)

More and more 4X4s have AdBlue fitted, so it’s time to learn more about it. BEFORE WE GET INTO ADBLUE, a bit of background. Diesel is dying. Yes, the fuel us offroaders swear by, the one we have paid thousands of dollars for over petrol, is on the way out.

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07 Jun 2017

Know your 80 UHF CB channels

UHF CB is free to use inter-vehicle communication, but there’s still rules to follow. You can’t randomly pick a UHF channel and use it for offroad touring or any other purposes you like. Here are the channels you CANNOT use except for their designated purposes: 5 and 35 – emergency

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05 Jun 2017

How useful is a front cross-axle differential lock?

A cross-axle differential lock was the aid to have back in the day, but has its time passed? BRAKE TRACTION CONTROL is a wonderful invention, braking individual wheels so vehicles can keep moving forwards. Toyota, VW and Land Rover have it down to a fine art, to the point where

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02 Jun 2017

Diff Drop Options on a 4×4 with independent front suspension

Those wanting to challenge their 4×4 off-road will need to lift it but independent front suspension presents a challenge.

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