11 Aug 2017

Snow chains – front or rear on your 4X4, or not at all?

An easy way to start a debate is to ask whether snow chains should go on the front or rear wheels of a 4X4. FIRST LET’S dispense with a myth, which is that you don’t need chains if you have 4WD, or mud tyres, or extreme tyres, or 35-inch tyres.

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07 Aug 2017

Those Dreaded Corrugations of Outback Travel

Corrugations mean keeping your 4X4 and yourself in one piece is not always easy. I LOVE TOURING this country and exploring the many attractions that are available and there’s little doubt that all 4WD enthusiasts like me really look forward to the challenges on offer.  It’s the ever changing terrain,

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26 Jul 2017

4×4 puzzle: the solution

We posed a 4×4 problem, and here’s the solution. UNDERSTANDING HOW YOUR 4X4 works is the key to driving it effectively. The problems are the same no matter how big or small your 4X4 is, and so we can use our TRAXXAS TRX-4 (review here) to describe a common 4X4

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25 Jul 2017

How would you solve this 4X4 puzzle?

Trackbuilding is something we all have to do sooner or later, but how, exactly would you fix this 4X4 puzzle? WATCH THE VIDEO below from our Facebook page and then decide what you’d do (and no, enabling the cross-axled locking differentials is not an option): An explanation will follow in

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23 Jul 2017

Your tough old bag helps offroad

Sometimes you need to fill in a small ditch, and there just aren’t enough rocks or logs handy, an old duffle bag or traction ramps could do the trick.

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05 Jul 2017

How to drive with electronic traction control

Electronic traction control has hugely improved the capability of 4X4s, but you still need to drive it correctly. BRAKE TRACTION CONTROL is a clever system that detects spinning wheels and brakes only those wheels, which has the effect of increasing torque on the other, non-spinning wheels. Those non-spinning wheels have

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28 Jun 2017

Six offroad towing tips

Want to go towing offroad? It’s not as easy as it looks. TRAILER TOWING really should require a seperate license like it does in the UK because it requires a lot more skill and knowledge than driving without a trailer. Add in the offroad element and you are looking at

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25 Jun 2017

How to drive through a deep water crossing

Not thinking before crossing any deep water crossing can cost you plenty.  Here are a few tips that will avoid disaster and expensive repair. There is no doubt that negotiating a water crossing is exciting and on most offroader’s bucket list.  It’s where a well thought out plan and a

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21 Jun 2017

How to drive a rocky climb

Here’s PM4X4 contributor Max driving rocks in his Hilux. Watch and learn… THE HILUX has come to a halt. It’s out of clearance a little at the back as the tail scrapes, but that’s not a problem because there’s a strong rear bar to take such knocks, and the bar

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How to drive on steep hills
02 Jun 2017

How to drive on steep hills

Hills can kill. Here’s how to drive on steep hills safely in your 4×4.

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