21 Jul 2017

Tow Comparison – Mitsubishi Pajero vs Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

The Mitsubishi Pajero will be discontinued, so is the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport a fit replacement for towing? MITSUBISHI released the Pajero Sport back in 2015 initially as a 5 seater, then in 2016 followed up with 7 seater models. Just to make things interesting, the Pajero as we know it

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15 Jul 2017

So you’re thinking about buying a camper trailer…

There’s almost more species of camper trailers than there are insects, so let’s follow Ross Daws as he selects the perfect camper…for his family, anyway! I’VE SPENT ENOUGH time watching four wheel drive shows and visiting lifestyle expos to have learned for a fact that all I needed to transform

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14 Jul 2017

What type of offroad camper trailer should I buy?

There is an dizzying amount of choice in offroad camper trailers – so many manufacturers, and so many styles. WHILE THERE IS A LOT of choice in the camper trailer market, it is possible to roughly categorise them all. Here’s a guide to what’s what: What is a camper trailer?

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30 May 2017

Can I tow a 2600kg caravan with my Isuzu MU-X?

We often get asked questions about towing. This time it’s an Isuzu MU-X. QUESTION: Hi Guys, Love reading the mag on line, all the advice on towing caravans is invaluable to me, obviously I’m a caravaner, and I am thinking of purchasing a new vehicle ( Isuzu MU-X) which at

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20 Jan 2017

Did you know about these rules for trailers?

Trailer towing is more difficult and dangerous than normal driving, so there’s a lot of rules to regulate it.

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