15 Aug 2017

Will Tesla’s forthcoming offroader/4X4 pick-up drag us into the 21st century kicking and screaming?

Electric 4x4s? When, not if. A somewhat controversial topic appearing of late within the off-road community, is the future development and “evolution” of 4×4’s,  given all the new technology filtering through coupled with increased regulations and compliance issues regarding emission controls as we move forward. Which is why I believe,

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13 Aug 2017

The History of the Land Rover Discovery

The Discovery has been on sale for almost 28 years, from the introduction of the first generation in 1989. We take a quick look at where it started, and how it evolved into its current forms. Up until the late 1980s, Land Rover operated with a two model strategy, the

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06 Aug 2017

Spot the 4X4 difference: Mitsubishi Triton

Can you spot seven differences? The differences are only on the vehicle. There is one group of four that counts as one. Answer on the second page.

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24 Jul 2017

An offroader’s review of the TRAXXAS TRX4 model scale radio control rock crawler

Who wouldn’t love the TRAXXAS TRX4, a scale model rock crawler? FIRST I NEED TO SAY that this model is the epitome of “shut up and take my money”, and exactly why will become clear. Next I need to make clear that I am not a radio-control (RC) expert. Like most

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09 Jul 2017

Flashback: Land Rover’s 60th Annniversary in Australia, Cooma, 2008

The Land Rover was born as a stop-gap, so the Rover Car company could never have known that a lifetime later on thousands of enthusiasts would converge on the small NSW town of Cooma to celebrate the marque. We look back on Australia’s largest gathering of Land Rovers…. FOR MOST

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01 Jul 2017

A quick chat with: James Eling, founder and owner of 4X4 Earth

4X4 Earth is Australia’s largest web forum for offroaders. We talk to the man in charge… WHAT IS IT LIKE to run a huge offroader’s forum? James Eling tell us… Q. How have forums changed over the last 5 years or so? The biggest change to 4X4 Earth has been

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25 Jun 2017

The Hyundai i30 is not an offroader – how do you know when you’ve gone too far?

Don’t drive roadcars on 4X4 tracks. HYUNDAI’s I30 is a very fine vehicle but does not list offroad capability as one of its features. Here are some signs that indicate you’re driving a roadcar on a 4X4 track: The road is no longer bitumen but dirt. Exercise caution and prepare

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24 Jun 2017

Outback Cop: book review and how not to become the next story

Outback Cop is a good book on three levels. First, it’s a decent read, chronicling the life and times of a long-serving Birdsville policeman, Neale McShane. It’s warm, well-written and tells it like it is without resorting to dramatics. Second, it gives the reader a good insight into Outback life; the

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16 Jun 2017

Running repairs that give you the run around. Can you do it yourself?

Our regular commentator Geoff Lines has another story for you about dealer repairs…. I remember reading an article many years ago written by the RACV or some other automotive magazine about the price of spare parts for cars. The outcome of the article was that spare parts frequently cost 5

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13 Jun 2017

Please, don’t kill the last little offroader! – UPDATED

Suzuki’s Grand Vitara is sought after and there’s a good reason why. THE WORLD IS FULL OF plastic-fantastic softroaders. Mazdas, Hondas, even many Jeeps and Land Rovers these days. These vehicles lack clearance, low range, and in place of lockable centre differentials have on-demand all-wheel-drive systems that don’t distribute torque

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