06 Aug 2017

Top tips for packing a 4X4 tourer

There is never enough space to pack a 4×4 for touring, but you can maximise what you have. I AM A TOLERANT SORT OF BLOKE, but there are a few things people do with 4X4s that I cannot stand, and two relate to packing a vehicle. First is a family

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06 Aug 2017

Spot the 4X4 difference: Mitsubishi Triton

Can you spot seven differences? The differences are only on the vehicle. There is one group of four that counts as one. Answer on the second page.

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05 Aug 2017

Setting up for off-roading with your 4×4

You may have the best 4×4 in the world, but without some extra gear you won’t get far. Here’s what you need to know to go off-roading with your 4×4.

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04 Aug 2017

6 excellent reasons not to feed wild animals

It’s so tempting to feed wild animals, but there’s many reasons why you shouldn’t. HERE ARE five reasons to simply watch wild animals from afar and not tempt them with food: 1. Animals might starve – if enough people feed wild animals then their population becomes dependent on human food.

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03 Aug 2017

Two top 4X4 daytrips out of Brisbane – Bribie Island and D’Aguilar National Park

Discover two of the best 4X4 day drives around Brisbane with Danielle Lancaster, author of ‘4WD Treks Close to Brisbane’. From the capital city of Brisbane explore from the beach to the bush with these two easily accessible offroad day drives: Bribie Island The only island connected to the mainland

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02 Aug 2017

The Camping Top Ten

What ten items would I take for a no-facilities weekend camping with the family? WHAT WE mean by camping is camping with no facilities, not a caravan park, because that’s not camping it is living in a tent.  The real checklist runs to much more than ten items, and starts

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01 Aug 2017

How hot does an exhaust get during a DPF burn?

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) are here to stay, and here to burn. THE MODERN DIESEL is no longer the simple motor of old. There’s computer-controlled common rail injection, exhaust gas circulation, AdBlue (fully explained here) and DPFs, or Diesel Particulate Filters. We have a full explanation of how a DPF

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Subaru Outback driving in water
31 Jul 2017

What 4X4 to buy if you don’t want to own a 4X4

The non-4WD Enthusiast’s Guide to Buying a 4WD, or what 4WD to buy when you’re only into the great outdoors and not off-roading.

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30 Jul 2017

July on Practical Motoring 4X4

July 2017 on Practical Motoring 4X4 THIS MONTH we explained the difference between torque and power, showed how to drive with electronic traction control, demonstrated pros and cons of swaybar disconnects and gave tips on how to be a good student at a training course. We covered the problems with

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30 Jul 2017

Product Test – RAM X-Grip

The RAM X-Grip can hold all sorts of devices in your vehicle. A universal gadget mount with a range of arms and bases, designed for small to medium sized smartphones and phablets. We like… Versatility.  The X-Grip can take a wide variety of devices, which is good as everyone in

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