29 Jul 2017

The future of 4X4s has arrived with Bollinger’s all-electric offroader

Diesel is dying, electric will rule and heralding the way is Bollinger. WE HAVE SAID for some time that internal combustion engines are on the way out, and in particular diesel as stricter and stricter emissions standards force more and more complexity like AdBlue and DPFs. So, how far off

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29 Jul 2017

The Bend’s new 4×4 track takes shape in South Australia

South Australia gets a new place to go offroading at The Bend. THE BEND is a huge motorsport park that will cater to circuit racing for bikes and cars, drag racing, drift, rally, karting and of course, 4WD. There will be an airstrip, accommodation and an industrial park. Here’s what

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28 Jul 2017

How you can prevent bush pin stripes

Bodywork scratches go hand-in-hand with offroading in wooded areas, but there are ways to reduce bush pinstripes…

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27 Jul 2017

Reader help: should I buy a front cross-axle differential lock?

One of the oldest 4X4 questions is whether to fit cross-axle lockers or not.  Are they worth the money? QUESTION: Hello Robert You recently replied to my comment on your website regarding the front differential Lock on the Ford Everest I just received a link in the comment box as

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26 Jul 2017

4×4 puzzle: the solution

We posed a 4×4 problem, and here’s the solution. UNDERSTANDING HOW YOUR 4X4 works is the key to driving it effectively. The problems are the same no matter how big or small your 4X4 is, and so we can use our TRAXXAS TRX-4 (review here) to describe a common 4X4

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25 Jul 2017

How would you solve this 4X4 puzzle?

Trackbuilding is something we all have to do sooner or later, but how, exactly would you fix this 4X4 puzzle? WATCH THE VIDEO below from our Facebook page and then decide what you’d do (and no, enabling the cross-axled locking differentials is not an option): An explanation will follow in

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24 Jul 2017

An offroader’s review of the TRAXXAS TRX4 model scale radio control rock crawler

Who wouldn’t love the TRAXXAS TRX4, a scale model rock crawler? FIRST I NEED TO SAY that this model is the epitome of “shut up and take my money”, and exactly why will become clear. Next I need to make clear that I am not a radio-control (RC) expert. Like most

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23 Jul 2017

Your tough old bag helps offroad

Sometimes you need to fill in a small ditch, and there just aren’t enough rocks or logs handy, an old duffle bag or traction ramps could do the trick.

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22 Jul 2017

Why a swaybar disconnect might get you stuck

A swaybar disconnect is great…most of the time. A SWAYBAR is also known as an anti-roll bar, and that’s a more descriptive name.  When a vehicle corners there’s weight transfer from inside to outside, so in the case of a left turn the right tyres carry far more weight than

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21 Jul 2017

Tow Comparison – Mitsubishi Pajero vs Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

The Mitsubishi Pajero will be discontinued, so is the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport a fit replacement for towing? MITSUBISHI released the Pajero Sport back in 2015 initially as a 5 seater, then in 2016 followed up with 7 seater models. Just to make things interesting, the Pajero as we know it

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